Aiomatic v1.9.0 WordPress Plugin

The AIomatic plugin presents a cutting-edge solution for content creation, offering the ability to publish new posts with AI-generated content or update existing ones with fresh and relevant material. This revolutionary AI content writer is versatile, allowing users to instruct the AI to generate various types of content, including negative or positive product reviews, dialogues, commentaries, and articles related to specific post titles. The plugin goes beyond imagination, enabling users to create engaging content for blog readers or enhance older posts with new AI-generated material. With AIomatic, the possibilities are limitless.

Core Features of Aiomatic WordPress Plugin

  • AI Content Generation: AIomatic harnesses the power of AiomaticAPI and OpenAI’s GPT-3 engine to transform websites into auto-blogging or money-making machines.
  • Content Variety: Users can instruct the AI to generate diverse content types, such as product reviews, dialogues, commentaries, and articles.
  • Flexibility: The plugin provides the option to choose between AiomaticAPI and OpenAI, allowing users to select their preferred API and subscribe accordingly.
  • Cost Efficiency: By directly working with OpenAI, the plugin eliminates the need for third-party services, reducing costs and making each call more affordable.
  • AiomaticAPI Subscription: Users can opt for AiomaticAPI as an alternative, a specially created API for the plugin that handles AI content creation.
  • Historical Context: The plugin provides insights into the development of artificial intelligence, highlighting its evolution from mindless tasks to complex endeavors, ultimately challenging the relationship between art and human touch.
  • Technological Impact: AI-generated content reflects the ever-growing capabilities of artificial intelligence and its ability to replicate the creative process, prompting curiosity about the technology’s limitless potential.

What’s New (Changelog) in Aiomatic v1.9.0

1. Added the ability to manually run OmniBlocks and to preview their results
2. Added a new OmniBlock type to trigger an OmniBlock rule using Webhooks and to send parameters to the rule using webhook parameters
3. Added the ability to embed the chatbot on remote websites, using iframes
4. Added a new OmniBlock type to extract related NLP entities for specific keywords (get Wiki links and entity details), using TextRazor
5. Added to the “Save Post” OmniBlock the ability to update an existing post, by ID
6. Added the ability to sort scraped product list from Amazon, in OmniBlocks
7. Added the ability to ‘Simulate Post Editing’ for the ‘Existing Content Editor’ from the ‘AI Content Editor’ menu, to check which posts will be affected by editing
8. Added the ability to set a custom comment date range for newly created AI comments from the ‘AI Content Editor’
9. Added Anthropic Claude claude-3-haiku-20240307 model
10. Added the ability to the user aware chatbot to know the user role (using the %%user_role%% shortcode)

Sales Page and Live Demo of Aiomatic WordPress Plugin

Free Download Aiomatic Latest Version

License Key: 6FGPLASTRA89

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