EmbedPress Pro v3.5.1 WordPress Plugin

EmbedPress Pro is a WordPress plugin that enables users to effortlessly embed their sources with advanced customization, custom branding, lazy load, and an array of amazing features. This plugin offers its users the ability to customize their embedded content in ways that would otherwise be impossible without a considerable amount of coding knowledge. The customization options are quite extensive, including custom branding, advanced responsive design, embedding of various media, and lazy loading.

With EmbedPress Pro, users can embed Wistia and Vimeo videos, Instagram images, Google Maps, Facebook posts and videos, Google Docs, and Giphy GIFs. This means that regardless of the type of media or content you want to embed into your WordPress website, EmbedPress Pro has got you covered. With its user-friendly interface, anyone can embed various media without any technical expertise.

Core Features of EmbedPress Pro WordPress Plugin

  • Custom branding
  • Advanced responsive design
  • Lazy loading
  • Embed Wistia videos
  • Embed Vimeo videos
  • Embed Instagram images
  • Embed Google Maps
  • Embed Facebook posts and videos
  • Embed Google Docs
  • Embed Giphy GIFs
  • Automatic video thumbnail generation
  • SEO optimization
  • Preloading

What’s New (Changelog) in EmbedPress Pro v3.5.1

= [3.5.1] – 2023-05-08 =
* [Bug] Few minor bug fix and improvements.

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