Fluent Booking Pro 1.2.63 Plugin

Fluent Booking Pro stands out as the go-to appointment scheduling and booking solution for WordPress, offering a seamlessly integrated system to address complex scheduling needs. With unlimited booking calendars and the ability to schedule various types of meetings, from appointments and webinars to events and sales calls, FluentBooking becomes the ultimate solution to turn conversations into conversions.

The plugin not only facilitates efficient scheduling but also provides the opportunity to monetize time by connecting with a Stripe account, enabling users to get paid for their services and prevent fraudulent bookings with partial payments. FluentBooking is designed to optimize workflow, allowing users to bring their entire team on board without worrying about scheduling clashes, thus ensuring smooth operations and a positive atmosphere. Whether meetings are held online or offline, with individuals or groups, FluentBooking adapts to diverse needs, offering a versatile and user-friendly appointment management system.

Core Features of Fluent Booking Pro Plugin

  • Unlimited booking calendars and meetings for comprehensive scheduling
  • Integration with Stripe for seamless payment processing
  • Ability to sell personal services, consultancy, and more
  • Prevention of fraudulent bookings with partial payments
  • Support for unlimited hosts and meetings, promoting efficient team collaboration
  • Versatile meeting options, accommodating online or offline, individual or group meetings
  • Integration with FluentCRM for pre-meeting engagement and buyer journey guidance
  • Automated, personalized email notifications to reduce no-shows and last-minute surprises
  • Detailed reports and analytics to track total, completed, or canceled bookings
  • Efficient system to grab the most fluent appointment booking solution for complex scheduling needs.

What’s New (Changelog) in Fluent Booking Pro v1.2.63

1.2.63 (Date: 26 Feb 2024)
– Daylight saving time fix
– Fixed issues With multi-hour slot availability
– Resolved minor UI issues

Sales Page and Live Demo of Fluent Booking Pro Plugin


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