HappyForms Pro v1.38.0 WordPress Plugin

HappyForms Pro is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to elevate customer interactions by optimizing forms, sign-ups, surveys, polls, and checkouts. Tailored for high-conversion conversations with visitors, the plugin ensures more meaningful engagement with leads. What sets HappyForms Pro apart is its super-simple live form builder, eliminating clunky previews and allowing users to seamlessly construct forms directly within the WordPress customizer.

This user-friendly approach is further enhanced by compatibility with popular WordPress page and site builders like Elementor, SiteOrigin, and Divi, making setup incredibly easy for users familiar with these platforms. The plugin also guarantees reliable email delivery, providing peace of mind to users that their submissions are reaching their intended destinations. Additionally, HappyForms Pro facilitates follow-up sales funnels through simple redirects and a suite of tools to efficiently manage submissions. To top it off, the plugin includes built-in Honeypot and ReCaptcha spam protection, ensuring a hassle-free experience by effectively filtering out unwanted spam messages.

Core Features of HappyForms Pro WordPress Plugin

  • Forms designed for high-conversion conversations
  • Super-simple live form builder within the WordPress customizer
  • Compatibility with Elementor, SiteOrigin, and Divi for easy setup
  • Reliable email delivery for peace of mind
  • Follow-up sales funnels with simple redirects and submission management tools
  • Built-in Honeypot and ReCaptcha spam protection to combat unwanted messages

What’s New (Changelog) in HappyForms Pro v1.38.0

= March 15, 2024 = v1.38.0 changelog:
* Added: Hidden field as a new field.
* Added: Dynamic Email Subject.
* Fixed: Date styling on mobile.

Sales Page and Live Demo of HappyForms Pro WordPress Plugin


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