If-So Dynamic Content Pro v1.6.1 Plugin

If-So Dynamic Content Pro is a WordPress plugin that allows you to personalize and customize the content on your website based on visitors’ interactions and profiles. It enhances user engagement, conversion rates, and sales by displaying relevant content to users.

The plugin offers a range of features that facilitate dynamic content management and personalization. One of the primary benefits of If-So is its flexibility in segmenting visitors using different conditions, which include geolocation, start and end date, browser language, dynamic link, referral source, device type, logged-in users, time zone, pages visited, and UTM parameters.

With the If-So Dynamic Content Pro WordPress plugin, users can set up personalized content within minutes without any coding knowledge. The intuitive interface makes managing and editing content accessible, and there is no page load delay, resulting in a smoother user experience.

Core Features of If-So Dynamic Content Pro Plugin

  • Flexible segmentation of visitors using various conditions
  • Easy setup and management of personalized content without coding
  • Intuitive interface for managing and editing content
  • No page load delay for a seamless user experience
  • Enhanced user engagement, conversion rates, and sales through personalized content

What’s New (Changelog) in If-So Dynamic Content Pro v1.6.1

= 1.6.1=
* Compatiblity with the new <a href=”https://wordpress.org/plugins/if-so-geolocation/” target=”_blank”>If-So Geolocation Extension</a>.
* Log geo requests functionality removed – moved to geo extension. Note! If you enabled the log in the past, the old log will be deleted, you will have to download the <a href=”https://wordpress.org/plugins/if-so-geolocation/” target=”_blank”>If-So Geolocation Extension</a> and re-check the ‘Log Geolocation Request’ in the plugin’s settings to create a new log.
* Conditional Gutenberg blocks – streamlined the process of targeting locations for the Geolocation condition.
* Added ability to display the audiences a user is assigned to using the shortcode[ifso-audience type=’show’ show=’user-audiences’]
* Geolocation page UI changes.
* UI changes – the geolocation license activation field was moved to the license page.

Sales Page and Live Demo of If-So Dynamic Content Pro Plugin


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