Inactive Logout Pro v2.2.2 Plugin

The Inactive Logout Pro WordPress plugin is a powerful tool that allows you to improve the security of your website by automatically logging out inactive users. With the PRO bundle, you get access to additional features and benefits that make browsing even more secure.

Core Features of Inactive Logout Pro Plugin

  • Auto Browser Close Logout: This feature automatically logs out users who have closed their browser tab without logging out of the WordPress site. After 2 minutes of tab close duration, the user will be logged out automatically. This ensures that your website is secure even if users forget to log out.
  • Override Multiple Login Priority: You can choose whether or not you want concurrent users logging into the same account from different places. In the pro version, users who try to login later will be shown a message. If you think your account is compromised, you can hijack the session via admin email activation link.
  • Individual User Functionality Override: This upcoming feature will allow you to override inactive features for different users. You can disable, redirect, or set different timeouts for different user levels, not only by roles but also by actual users separately.
  • Disable on Selective Pages: This functionality allows you to disable inactive logout on certain pages. This is useful if you have pages where users need to stay logged in for longer periods, such as a checkout page or a form submission page.

What’s New (Changelog) in Inactive Logout Pro v2.2.2

2023.04.03 – version 2.2.2
* Major Fix: Multisite optimization.
* Bug fixes related to login redirections.

Sales Page and Live Demo of Inactive Logout Pro Plugin

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