JetStyleManager v1.3.6 WordPress Plugin

JetStyleManager is a WordPress plugin that Manage Elementor page style settings. Make page loading on your website by 20-30% faster.  With Elementor page builder, you can easily build beautiful pages with tons of elements.  However, you have to edit and create page style again.  In addition to this feature, the default plugin has a URL builder, which makes your site URLs not friendly anymore.  JetStyleManager is a solution for both problems.

Core Features of JetStyleManager WordPress Plugin

  • Full control over page styles
    Define a certain styles settings set available for changing widgets’ appearance in the Elementor editor
  • Efficient server memory use
    Select a lower editor-level load with certain style settings and boost your site performance at the same time
  • The new approach to managing
    Create, and save pre-styled skins for Jet widgets for further usage and reduce the time for styling your page layout.

What’s New (Changelog) in JetStyleManager v1.3.6

## 1.3.6
* FIX: Allowed memory exhausted in block editor (improving optimization)

Sales Page and Live Demo of JetStyleManager WordPress Plugin

Free Download JetStyleManager Latest Version

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