LayerSlider (Kreatura Slider) v7.10.0 Plugin

Kreatura Slider (LayerSlider) is a premium multi-purpose animation platform WordPress plugin. Slideshows & image galleries with mind-blowing effects, gorgeously animated landing pages & page blocks, or even a full website can be created using LayerSlider. Every website can benefit from the capabilities of this plugin. Designed to meet the industry trend, It offers Kickstarter and other crowd-funding products for your online campaign.

Start building amazing slider graphics, beautiful landing pages, and stunning page blocks with Kreatura Slider easily. You can create eye-catching content for your Kickstarter campaign using the amazing features of Kreatura Slider.

Core Features of LayerSlider (Kreatura Slider) Plugin

  • Seo Friendly & Localization Ready
  • Retina And Hi-res Ready
  • Using Cutting Edge Technologies
  • Tested On A Variety Of Devices
  • Optimizations For Mobile Devices
  • Bandwidth Friendly By Serving Variable Resolution Images
  • WordPress Multisite Ready
  • More Than 200 Pre-defined Slide Transitions
  • Parallax, Even In 3D & Ken Burns Effect
  • Hover, Loop & Multi-step Animations
  • Playbyscroll & Timelines
  • Filters & Layer Masks
  • Random & Cycle Properties
  • Animate Colors & Common Css Properties
  • Static Layers & Pop-out-of-slider Effects
  • Drag & Drop Visual Editor With Undo/Redo
  • Group Selection, Rulers With Guides, Copy & Paste Layers Options
  • Popout Editor To Edit Everything In One Place Without Scrolling
  • Image Editor Powered By Adobe Creative Cloud,
  • Timeline With Color-coded Markers
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Personal Needs (E.G. Slideshow Of Family Photos)
  • Professional Business Website
  • Presentation Of Your Creative Work
  • Retail And Commercial Purposes
  • Or Even For Ads On Billboards
  • Pull Content Dynamically From Posts & Pages
  • Build Auto-updating News And Content Sliders
  • Import/Embed Content From Popular Services Like Flickr (Coming Soon)
  • Full Width, Full Size, Hero Scene And Fullscreen Sliders
  • Looks And Works Perfectly On Every Device Out Of The Box
  • Alternative Device-specific Layouts In The Same Slider
  • 18 Skins, Theming Options, And Many More Customization Options
  • Compatible With All Popular Browsers

What’s New (Changelog) in LayerSlider (Kreatura Slider) v7.10.0

LayerSlider 7.10.0 is now available! Mar 20, 2024​

IMPORTANT: This release changes the default text selection behavior for new projects. Learn More

  • Added Project Settings → Miscellaneous → Prevent Selection option to restrict the selection of text and other interface elements within your projects.
  • Added Layer Styles → Advanced Settings → Selection option to control selection behavior on individual layers as necessary.
  • Added indicators to several UI elements, showing the number of layer actions, attributes, links, etc., at a glance.
  • Added undo/redo and multiple layer selection support for layer actions.
  • Overflow now offers the value “Auto”, which can make layers’ content scrollable.
  • The default mouse cursor setting has been changed to “Layer-specific”, which should better follow the designer’s intent out of the box.
  • Fixed issues with pasting layer style and transition properties.
  • Fixed several issues animating the width and height transition properties of Opening and Ending Transitions.
  • User interface revamps, performance improvements, and several changes under the hood.

Sales Page and Live Demo of LayerSlider (Kreatura Slider) Plugin

Free Download LayerSlider (Kreatura Slider) Latest Version

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