Novashare v1.4.8 WP Plugin

Novashare is a WordPress social sharing plugin that provides a fast and lightweight way to increase your shares without slowing down your website. It was developed from scratch with a focus on performance, giving you a smooth experience while using it.

Core Features of Novashare WP Plugin

  • Lightweight: Novashare is designed to be lightweight, with inline SVG icons and custom tables to reduce bloat. Its front-end size is under 5 KB, and scripts only run where they should, so it won’t impact your site’s performance.
  • Easy UI: Novashare has minimal and easy-to-configure settings, making it simple to use. The plugin takes advantage of WordPress styling on the back-end, eliminating the need to learn a new user interface.
  • Share counts: With Novashare, you can increase your social visibility by displaying single and total share counts from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, and other platforms on your site’s popular content.
  • Click to Tweet block: Novashare comes with a Click to Tweet block and shortcode that you can use for quotes to increase Twitter shares. This feature allows users to quickly create tweetable content within their posts or pages.
  • Responsive design: Novashare’s responsive design ensures that the plugin works seamlessly on all devices, including desktops and mobile phones. Users can also set breakpoints where they want the share buttons to appear.
  • Support: Novashare offers fast support directly from the developers of the plugin. They have over 19 years of experience working with WordPress, so you can trust that you’re in good hands.

What’s New (Changelog) in Novashare v1.4.8

= 1.4.8 – 01.31.2024 =
* Added new Custom option to Follow Button block along with controls to add your own inline SVG HTML and background color.
* Added new Pinterest option to Always Show image pin buttons instead of only on hover.
* Added additional Pinterest image pin styles to help with compatibility when placed inside aligned containers.
* Fixed an issue with image pin button links not working with relative URLs.
* Fixed an issue in the plugin settings UI where textarea inputs were not sizing down correctly.

Sales Page and Live Demo of Novashare WP Plugin

Free Download Novashare Latest Version

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