ProductX Pro v1.3.5 WP Plugin

ProductX Pro is a WooCommerce plugin that simplifies the creation of beautiful and unique product grids, lists, sliders, carousels, and more. With features such as customizable single product page templates, archive page design changes, and product blocks for shop pages, users can easily create a visually-appealing site that matches their brand. The plugin also includes wishlist and comparison features to provide customers with an enhanced shopping experience.

ProductX Pro allows users to modify builder template conditions and implement shortcodes to add wishlists and comparison tools to any page on their website. They can require logins before adding items to wishlists for security purposes or empty wishlists after checkout to prevent accidental duplicate purchases. A wishlist button can be enabled on the single product page, and users can change its text from the backend settings. Additionally, they can redirect customers to their cart after adding wishlist items or use shortcodes to implement comparison tools, showing product comparisons in popups.

Core Features of ProductX Pro WP Plugin

  • Create single product page templates: Users can customize the design and layout of their single product pages to match their brand or website.
  • Change archive page template design: Users can also change the design of their archive pages to create a consistent and visually appealing look for their entire shop.
  • Customize shop page with product blocks: The plugin provides customizable product blocks that allow users to easily add products to their shop page in a visually appealing way.
  • Compare button for a single product page: Users can enable a comparison button on their single product pages to allow customers to compare different products side by side.
  • Change templates conditions of builder: Users can modify the conditions of the builder templates according to their requirements.
  • Shortcodes to implement wishlist inside any page: The plugin offers shortcodes that allow users to implement a wishlist feature on any page of their site.
  • Login required feature for add to wishlist: Users can require customers to log in before adding items to their wishlist, increasing security and preventing spam.
  • Empty wishlist after checkout feature: The plugin automatically empties a customer’s wishlist after they complete a purchase, ensuring that they don’t accidentally purchase an item twice.
  • Wishlist button for single product page: A wishlist button can be enabled on the single product page to encourage customers to save items for later.
  • Wishlist button text change from the backend: Users can easily change the text of the wishlist button from the backend settings.
  • Redirect to cart feature: Users can choose to redirect customers to their cart after they add an item to their wishlist, increasing the chances of a sale.
  • Shortcode to implement comparing tool inside any page: The plugin provides shortcodes that allow users to implement a product comparison tool on any page of their site.
  • Comparison is shown in a popup after clicking the feature: When customers click on the compare button, a popup appears, displaying a comparison of the selected products.
  • Compare button text change from settings: Users can easily change the text of the compare button from the plugin’s settings.
  • Comparison popup position change in frontend feature: The position of the comparison popup can be easily adjusted in the front end to ensure a seamless user experience.

What’s New (Changelog) in ProductX Pro v1.3.5

= 1.3.5 – 18 October 2023 =
* Fix: Call for price button showing multiple time in Single Product builder
* Fix: Partial payment button broken with the add to cart button in Single Product builder

Sales Page and Live Demo of ProductX Pro WP Plugin

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