Qubely Pro v1.4.3 WP Plugin

Qubely Pro is a WordPress plugin that enhances the Gutenberg editor with a collection of custom blocks and templates. It allows you to create beautiful and responsive websites with ease, using the native WordPress editor. Whether you want to add a stunning hero section, a testimonial carousel, a pricing table, or a contact form, Qubely Pro has you covered.

Core Features of Qubely Pro WP Plugin

  • Timeline: Display your events, stories, or processes in chronological order with the timeline block. You can customize the layout, colours, icons, and content of each timeline item.
  • Divider: Add a horizontal or vertical line to separate your sections or elements with the divider block. You can choose from different styles, widths, alignments, and colours for the divider.
  • Advanced List: Create stylish and engaging lists with the advanced list block. You can use icons, images, or numbers as list markers, and adjust the spacing, alignment, and typography of the list items.
  • Form Builder: Build and manage any kind of form with the form builder block. You can add various fields such as text, email, number, checkbox, radio, select, file upload, and more. You can also set the validation rules, confirmation messages, and email notifications for the form submissions.
  • Animated Headline: Grab your visitors’ attention with the animated headline block. You can choose from different animation effects such as typing, clipping, rotating, sliding, and more. You can also customize the font size, colour, weight, and style of the headline.
  • Price List: Showcase your products or services with the price list block. You can add an image, title, description, price, and button for each item. You can also enable or disable the strikethrough effect for discounted prices.
  • Pie Progress: Display your skills, achievements, or statistics with the pie progress block. You can adjust the size, colour, thickness, and animation of the pie chart. You can also add a label and a percentage value for each pie progress item.
  • Media Card: Create a stunning media card with the media card block. You can add an image or a video as the media source, and customize the overlay colour, opacity, and position. You can also add a title, subtitle, description, and button for the media card.
  • Google Map: Embed a Google map on your website with the Google map block. You can set the location, zoom level, height, and width of the map. You can also enable or disable map controls such as zoom buttons, street view buttons, fullscreen buttons, and map type selectors.
  • Post Grid: Display your posts in a grid layout with the post grid block. You can choose from different grid styles such as masonry, carousel, or slider. You can also filter the posts by category, tag, or author, and customize the post elements such as title, meta, excerpt, image, and read more button.
  • Table of Contents: Generate a table of contents for your long articles with the table of contents block. You can choose from different layouts such as list, dropdown, or sticky. You can also customize the appearance and behaviour of the table of contents such as colour, font size, scroll offset, and smooth scroll.
  • Pricing: Create attractive and conversion-oriented pricing tables with the pricing block. You can add up to four columns for different pricing plans, and customize the features such as title, price, subtitle, description, button, and badge. You can also enable or disable the ribbon effect for featured plans.
  • Icon: Add an icon to your website with the icon block. You can choose from hundreds of icons from different libraries such as Font Awesome, Material Icons, or Line Icons. You can also adjust the size, colour, alignment, and hover effect of the icon.
  • Counter: Display your numbers in a dynamic way with the counter block. You can add a prefix, suffix, or separator for the counter value, and customize the animation speed, duration, and delay. You can also add a title and a description for the counter item.
  • Row: Create a row container for your blocks with the row block. You can adjust the width, height, padding, margin, and alignment of the row container. You can also apply a background colour, image, video, or gradient to the row container.

What’s New (Changelog) in Qubely Pro v1.4.3

= v1.4.3 =
Update: Licensing option removed

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