Relevanssi Premium v2.25.1 Plugin

Relevanssi Premium is a powerful search plugin for WordPress that offers full control over what is searched and how. It solves the common problem of limited search functionality in WordPress, allowing users to customize their search options to suit their needs.

Core Features of Relevanssi Premium Plugin

  • PDF indexing: Relevanssi can read the text from PDFs, index it, and search it. This feature makes it easy to find specific content within PDF documents.
  • Multisite searches: Relevanssi can perform searches across many subsites in the same multisite network. This feature saves time and increases efficiency.
  • Custom fields: Relevanssi finds content in custom fields, including WooCommerce SKUs, ACF field content, or any other data stored in custom fields. This feature is helpful when searching for specific information.
  • User profiles: Relevanssi can find users by their names and profile descriptions, making it easy to locate users on your website.
  • Taxonomy terms: Relevanssi returns term archive pages in searches, regardless of whether you prefer categories, tags, or custom taxonomies.
  • Shortcode output: Relevanssi can expand shortcodes and find content generated by shortcodes. This feature allows users to search for shortcode-generated content.

What’s New (Changelog) in Relevanssi Premium v2.25.1

= 2.25.1 =
* Security fix: Relevanssi had a vulnerability where anyone could access the search logs and click logs. The log export is now protected.
* Minor fix: Relevanssi had problems with Polylang when a post or term didn’t have language specified. Now Relevanssi handles those situations better.
* Minor fix: Post date throttling had a MySQL error that made it replace JOINs instead of concatenating.
* Minor fix: The log database table now has an index on session_id, as not having that index can slow down the search a lot.

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