The Plus Block Pro v3.2.7 Plugin

The Plus Addons for Block Editor Pro emerges as a phenomenal block builder addon plugin, offering a vast collection of blocks and features for users who have transitioned from Elementor to Gutenberg seeking a combination of performance and customizability. Catering to the evolving needs of Gutenberg users, The Plus Blocks stands out as one of the best Gutenberg addons available in the WordPress ecosystem.

The plugin boasts smart optimized CSS & JS, ensuring efficient performance while maintaining clean code. With cross-domain copy & paste functionality and a 1-click unused block scanner, the plugin simplifies the editing process. It also includes in-built lazy loading, RTL & multi-lingual support, and seamless compatibility with popular themes, making it a versatile and user-friendly choice. Regular 3rd party security audits provide an extra layer of confidence for users, ensuring the reliability of the plugin.

Core Features of The Plus Block Pro Plugin

  • Massive collection of blocks and features
  • Smart optimized CSS & JS for efficient performance
  • Cross-domain copy & paste functionality
  • 1-click unused block scanner for streamlined editing
  • Clean coded for a smooth user experience
  • In-built lazy loading for enhanced page loading speed
  • RTL & multi-lingual support for global accessibility
  • Compatibility with popular themes
  • Regular 3rd party security audits for reliability
  • Carousel Anything & Remote for dynamic content display
  • Tabs, Accordion & Switcher for organized information presentation
  • Data Tables, Table of Content & Charts for data visualization
  • Preloader, Dark Mode & Parallax for enhanced design options
  • Grid, Metro, Carousel & Masonry Layout for versatile page layouts
  • Magazine Filters & Sliders for content customization
  • Paginations, Load More & Lazy Load for improved navigation
  • Image & Video Gallery for media presentation
  • Requires the FREE version to be installed first, ensuring a seamless integration.

What’s New (Changelog) in The Plus Block Pro v3.2.7

  • Update : Post Listing : Display Post Option Increase Maximum limit
  • Fix : Post Listing : Option Selector Bug Fix
  • Fix : Flip Box : Image Size Bug Fix
  • Fix : Table Of Content : Front Css Bug Fix

Sales Page and Live Demo of The Plus Block Pro Plugin

Free Download The Plus Block Pro Latest Version

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