Uncanny Automator Pro v5.5 Plugin

Uncanny Automator Pro is a WordPress plugin that helps users to easily connect their existing WordPress plugins with each other without any coding skills. With Uncanny Automator Pro, you can create recipes that automate routine tasks, personalize your website for users, and significantly reduce admin time. This plugin promises to get you started with your first recipe in just 5 minutes.

One of the key features of Uncanny Automator Pro is the ability to choose your triggers from over a dozen plugins and a thousand apps. This allows you to automate routine tasks by passing information between different plugins and performing actions automatically. Additionally, this plugin enables users to customize their own actions and triggers with the custom code.

Uncanny Automator Pro boasts powerful recipe creation that just works, all with one plugin. Users can create powerful recipes without any coding or technical knowledge. This plugin is an efficient tool to integrate the functionalities of your existing WordPress plugins and to personalize your site for your users.

Core Features of Uncanny Automator Pro Plugin

  • Automate WordPress tasks: With Uncanny Automator Pro, you can automate routine WordPress tasks, such as sending emails, creating new posts, updating user information, and more.
  • Trigger multiple plugins: This plugin can trigger multiple plugins simultaneously to create a seamless workflow.
  • Choose your triggers: You can select from over a dozen popular WordPress plugins and thousands of apps to set up your triggers.
  • Pass info between plugins: Automator Pro can pass information between different plugins to streamline your workflow.
  • Set up recipes: You can create recipes that personalize your site for users and automate tasks, all without writing a single line of code.
  • Easy to use: Uncanny Automator Pro is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple interface that makes it easy to set up and customize your recipes.
  • Save time: Automating routine tasks can save you valuable time, which you can spend on more important tasks.
  • Customizable actions: With Automator Pro, you can customize your actions to suit your needs, ensuring that your recipes work exactly as you want them to.
  • Detailed logging: The plugin provides detailed logging of all recipes, so you can monitor what is happening in real-time.
  • Developer-friendly: Uncanny Automator Pro is developer-friendly, with a flexible API that can be used to extend its functionality.
  • Regular updates: The plugin is regularly updated with new features and bug fixes to ensure that it stays up to date with the latest WordPress updates.

What’s New (Changelog) in Uncanny Automator Pro v5.5

v5.5 [2024-01-25]
New Trigger:

  • Easy Digital Downloads – A file is downloaded #2486

New Actions:

  • BuddyBoss – Unsubscribe the user from a forum #2514
  • BuddyPress – Unsubscribe the user from a forum #2515
  • Easy Digital Downloads – Delete a customer by ID #2065
  • LearnDash – Extend the user’s access to a course by a number of days #2529
  • Woo Subscriptions – Extend the user’s next subscription renewal date to a specific product by a number of days #2528
  • Woo – Add a note to an order #2561

New Trigger Tokens:

  • Woo – Order item(s) total #2550
  • Woo – User’s total spend & User’s total spend (unformatted) #2549
  • WordPress – Post content (formatted) #2605

New Action Tokens:

  • WordPress – Add an image to the media library – Media Library ID and Media Library image URL #2599


  • LearnDash – Reset the user’s progress in a course – “Reset Simple Course Timer data” checkbox when Uncanny Toolkit Pro is active #2576
  • Woo – Generate and email a coupon code – Added generated coupon property for Recipe logs #2546


  • Easy Digital Downloads – “Product” text changed to “Download” for consistency #2608
  • OpenAI – Use a prompt to generate text with the Davinci model – Action deprecated, existing recipes switched to davinci-002 model #2589
  • Paid Membership Pro – Filters missing hidden levels #2586
  • WordPress – “Post content” token renamed to “Post content (raw)” #2606


  • Amelia – A user’s booking of an appointment for a service has been changed to a specific status – Set the context of the trigger to the current user #2554
  • Background actions – Condition group incorrectly show as skipped in the Recipe logs #2588
  • BuddyBoss – Set the user’s Xprofile data – Handle multiple options #2574
  • JetFormsBuilder – Tokens are now being rendered inside the User Loop #2587
  • Loop filters – A post is a specific type of post – Now only displays public post types #2583
  • Paid Membership Pro – An admin assigns a membership level to a user – Set member as the current user for recipe logs #2566
  • WordPress – A user updates a post – No longer fires on publish and on trash events #2543
  • WordPress – A user updates a post in a specific status – Validation to check if array key exists #2564

Under the hood:

  • Data management – Auto prune cron now includes settings for hours and minutes #2562
  • Loop Filters – Make Loop Filters a post type as private #2580
  • Magic button/link – WP Filters and actions – automator_pro_magic_link_tokens, automator_pro_magic_buttons_tokens, automator_pro_magic_link_triggered, automator_pro_magic_button_triggered #2539

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