WP All Import Pro ACF Add-On v3.3.9-beta-2.2 Plugin

The WP All Import ACF Add-On is a plugin that allows you to import data from XML and CSV files into Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) 4 or ACF 5/ACF Pro. The plugin requires both WP All Import and Advanced Custom Fields to function. The add-on supports 29 field types, including relationship, repeater, gallery, and more.

If you are a developer who loves Advanced Custom Fields, this add-on is perfect for you. However, if you do not use the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, you don’t need this add-on. It is important to note that this add-on is designed specifically for importing data into ACF, not regular custom fields.

With this add-on, you can import data into various field types, such as Repeater, Gallery, Text, Text Area, Number, E-mail, Password, WYSIWYG Editor, Image, File, Select, Checkbox, Radio Button, True/False, Page Link, Post Object, Relationship, Taxonomy, User, Google Map, Date Picker, Color Picker, Contact Form 7, Limiter, Location Map, PayPal Item, WP WYSIWYG, Gravity Forms, Date and Time Picker.

The plugin makes it easier for developers to import data and save time when working with ACF. It is a useful add-on for those who frequently use Advanced Custom Fields and need to import data from external sources.

Core Features of WP All Import Pro ACF Add-On Plugin

  • Allows importing data from XML and CSV files into Advanced Custom Fields 4 or ACF 5/ACF Pro
  • Supports 29 field types, including repeater, gallery, text, number, email, password, WYSIWYG editor, image, file, select, checkbox, radio button, true/false, page link, post object, relationship, taxonomy, user, Google map, date picker, color picker, Contact Form 7, limiter, location map, PayPal item, WP WYSIWYG, Gravity Forms, and date and time picker
  • Designed for developers who are familiar with and use the Advanced Custom Fields plugin
  • Does not require the add-on if not using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, as import to normal custom fields is possible
  • Allows for importing and populating Advanced Custom Fields during the import process, which can save significant amounts of time and effort compared to manually entering the data
  • Works in conjunction with WP All Import, which provides additional features for importing data into WordPress
  • Can handle complex data structures and relationships, such as nested repeater fields, galleries with multiple images, and hierarchical taxonomies
  • Offers a user-friendly interface with easy-to-understand options and configurations for setting up the import process
  • Provides detailed documentation and support for troubleshooting and answering any questions that may arise during use
  • Saves time and effort in the data import process, allowing developers to focus on other important aspects of their projects

What’s New (Changelog) in WP All Import Pro ACF Add-On v3.3.9-beta-2.2

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