WP All Import Pro v4.8.7 Plugin

WP All Import Pro is a premium WordPress XML & CSV importer plugin that allows you to import data into your WordPress site with the click of a button. With this plugin, you can import almost any type of data into your WordPress site: Posts, Post Types, Taxonomies, Users, Comments and Custom Post Types. Along with all its main features (importing, editing and deleting), WP All Import Pro lets you create your own custom fields for each post type so you can customize what fields are imported into each post type.

Core Features of WP All Import Pro Plugin

  • Use any XML, CSV, or Excel file
  • Supports very large files, and any file structure
  • Compatible with the custom plugin and theme fields
  • Images, categories, WooCommerce, ACF, etc.
  • Simple interface & flexible API
  • Powerful scheduling option
  • ImportImport data into literally any theme or plugin.
  • Export. Export data into a custom XML, CSV or Excel file.
  • Migrate. Move data from one WordPress site to another.
  • Bulk Edit. Export data, edit it in Excel and then re-import it.

What’s New (Changelog) in WP All Import Pro v4.8.7

  • minimum WordPress version: 5.0
  • minimum PHP version: 7.4
  • API: first version of new add-on API – existing rapid add-on API is still fully functional
  • API: added ‘wp_all_import_is_post_to_change_missing’ filter
  • bug fix: run imports to completion when ‘wp_all_import_force_cron_processing_on_empty_feed’ filter returns ‘true’
  • bug fix: download fails when Content-Disposition headers are duplicated
  • bug fix: valid downloads sometimes fail on very large imports
  • bug fix: ‘history file not found’ message on valid file
  • bug fix: undefined variable $image_name
  • bug fix: custom fields section not working properly with WooCommerce HPOS
  • bug fix: fatal error in some cases when SFTP connection attempt fails
  • bug fix: orders incorrectly matched when empty meta value provided for matching
  • bug fix: fatal error in PHP 8.2 related to ‘_update_posts_count_on_transition_post_status’
  • bug fix: fatal error in some cases when re-running imports with WooCommerce HPOS
  • bug fix: image fails to import if there is a hyphen before the extension
  • bug fix: HTML imported to taxonomy description is incorrectly encoded
  • bug fix: SFTP fails when FTP module isn’t installed in PHP
  • bug fix: WooCommerce Order emails not blocked
  • improvement: improved Scheduling service connection check accuracy
  • improvement: hover over taxonomies in dropdown to see their slugs

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