WP Coupons v1.8.3 WordPress Plugin

WP Coupons is a WordPress plugin developed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers, designed to help improve click-through rates (CTR) and conversions on your website. With over 14 years of experience working in WordPress, the developers of WP Coupons have created a powerful tool that offers a range of features to enhance your affiliate marketing efforts.

One of the key features of WP Coupons is its easy-to-use dashboard, which includes one-click toggles and custom styles and templates built-in. This means you can quickly and easily create coupons that stand out and attract more clicks.

The plugin also includes various widgets, templates, and shortcodes that allow you to place coupons anywhere on your site. This flexibility makes it easy to integrate your coupons into your content, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement.

Core Features of WP Coupons WordPress Plugin

  • Styles: The plugin comes with a clean and minimalistic dashboard, making it easy to use. Additionally, there are built-in templates and custom styles that you can use to make your coupons stand out.
  • Widgets and Shortcodes: WP Coupons also offers various widgets, templates, and shortcodes that allow you to place coupons anywhere on your site with ease.
  • Lightweight: This plugin prides itself on being lightweight, with a code that’s under 40kb in size, and no JavaScript on the frontend. This ensures faster loading times and a better user experience for your visitors.
  • Works on All Devices: WP Coupons is fully responsive and compatible with all devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Support: You can expect top-notch support from the developers of WP Coupons. With over 14 years of experience working with WordPress, they offer expert assistance to users.
  • Compatibility: WP Coupons is coded, developed, and tested to work with all themes and plugins, saving you time troubleshooting and ensuring seamless integration with your existing setup.

What’s New (Changelog) in WP Coupons v1.8.3

= v1.8.3 – 02.20.2023 =
* Added wp-coupons-expired class to coupon panel div for any coupons that are past their expiration date.
* Fixed a rewrite rule issue that was interfering with tag navigation.
* Updated license key field to prevent it from getting auto-filled by browser extensions.
* Added notice to plugin update row if there is not an active license key.

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