WP Latest Posts v4.6.4 Plugin

WP Latest Posts is a highly advanced and customizable WordPress news plugin that allows users to automatically format all their posts, pages, and custom post types with one of eight included themes. This powerful plugin comes equipped with a wide range of features designed to enhance the user experience and streamline the content creation process.

Core Features of WP Latest Posts Plugin

  • Unlimited news blocks: create as many news blocks as needed
  • Page builders and Text Editor: includes compatibility with popular page builders and text editors
  • 1 Default theme: comes with one default theme, but users can choose from a total of 8 themes
  • Lines and columns: customize the layout of your news block using lines and columns
  • Post, pages, categories: easily display news from specific posts, pages, or categories
  • Automatic animation: adds eye-catching automatic animations to your news block
  • Quick content finder: locate content quickly and easily
  • News count: display the number of news items you want in each news block
  • News offset option: choose where you want to start displaying news items
  • Image ratio selection: select the image ratio that works best for your content
  • Image loading optimization: optimize image loading speeds for improved site performance
  • Page builders integration: integrates seamlessly with popular page builders
  • Display/hide news elements: customize which news elements are displayed or hidden
  • Custom CSS: add your own custom CSS to further customize your news block
  • PHP Snippet: add custom PHP code to enhance functionality
  • 4 Masonry wall themes: choose from four unique Masonry wall themes
  • Sliders & timeline themes: select from various slider and timeline themes
  • Automatically crop content: crops content to fit perfectly within the news block
  • Custom posts, taxonomy terms: display news from custom posts or taxonomy terms
  • WooCommerce and other plugins: compatible with WooCommerce as well as other popular plugins
  • Multilingual: supports multiple languages
  • Tagged content: tag content for easy organization and display
  • Multicategory options: display news from multiple categories
  • News in date range: choose the dates for which to display news items
  • News after/before date: display news items that were created after or before a certain date
  • More image control: further customize your images with added controls
  • Icon on hover: add icon displays when hovering over news items
  • Open links in new window: set news links to open in a new browser window
  • Auto-animation & Animation settings: customize the automatic animations for your news block
  • Change the default image for news: choose the default image to be displayed with each news item
  • Top-notch support: get help from experienced support staff

What’s New (Changelog) in WP Latest Posts v4.6.4

= 4.6.4 =
* Add : Compatibility with WP Latest Posts version 5.0.3

Sales Page and Live Demo of WP Latest Posts Plugin


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